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The Pill

Oh god I am going off the pill and I have been having the WORST mood swings. It's just been like the usual PMS mood swings for most of the month since my prescription ran out, but this morning it was the worst I've ever had. I went on facebook and everybody just pissed me off. I saw our friend Alley from Florida post something and I thought "god I hate Alley why won't she shut up." Alley is so nice. If you've ever met her, you'd be like "wtf Jessica why would you say that." And I sent my boyfriend all of these weird texts this morning so on my lunch I drove all the way home and deleted them before he could read them. I didn't say anything mean, but there was some room for misunderstanding, so I told him I would explain myself later. I was so mad at nothing that I was honestly starting to doubt my sanity until I remembered that going off the pill can make you fucking crazy. That is such bullshit. I shouldn't have a shitty day because of some weird...I don't know, hormonal imbalance? Is this how bipolar people feel every day of their lives? I'm glad it's just a temporary thing for me, there's no way I could do this shit every day.

Anyway normally I burden my boyfriend with all of this TMI shit, but I didn't want him to misunderstand and think I was telling him "oh lol I was just a bitch last week 'cause of my lady cycles I am totally free from blame here" (We had a fight, but his mother had just died whereas I did not have a reason for my own dick behavior.)



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